We are obsessed with tea!

Our mission is to create delicious, quality drinks with the power to brighten and revitalize anyone's day.  We know that everyone has their own drink preferences (whether it's sweet and creamy or light and refreshing).  That's why we created a menu with a wide variety of options.  Each of our products have their own unique flavor profiles, along with their unique health benefits.  Another one of BobaBunni's greater goals is to help our environment by reducing waste.  Food businesses are one of the top contributors to waste due to all of the one-use, disposable utensils and packaging.  Incorrect disposal is also a major factor.  We hope to spread awareness and encourage our customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  With all of this in mind, we hope to achieve our ultimate dream, which is to work together to spread our passion for bubble tea.  Happy customers, happy workers, and a happy, bubble tea community - that is what we wish to see.



Everybunny dreams!

A bunny-loving, boba enthusiast who wishes to bring bubble tea into everybunny's lives.  J's mom came from Taiwan so J grew up with Taiwanese food and, most importantly, bubble tea.  Milk tea quickly became her go-to beverage (and possible addiction).  Her dream is to build a boba shop that will become a frequent destination for friends, family, and strangers alike.  J ultimately hopes that everybunny will find a BobaBunni drink that they can enjoy just as much as she does.


Crafting healthy and delicious!

A passionate, animal-loving, boba enthusaist who immigrated to the United States in 2012.  K's sensitive tastebuds and experience with tea inspired many of BobaBunni's final products.  K is also an aspiring Chinese doctor & acupuncturist.  With the help of his background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, K aims to provide bubble tea options that are both tasty and beneficial to each individual customer.  If you're not feeling well, don't be afraid to ask K for some advice!