Hand Crafted Milk Tea



About BobaBunni

Authentic & Fresh

The plan for BobaBunni was on the drawing board since 2017. It was a dream that was gradually worked on over the years. This dream was gradually put into motion through various opportunities, like small catering events and street fairs. We made our first public debut in August 2018 at the annual Nihonmachi Street Fair in Japantown. Our experience with the community there drove us to keep our eyes out for locations in the Richmond District. Finally, at the end of 2019, we found a spot - BobaBunni on Balboa. We opened our doors in March 2020, and received a warm welcome from the neighborhood. [Unfortunately, the very next week, we were then welcomed by COVID-19 with shelter-in-place!] Regardless of our bumpy start, we will continue working hard towards our dream and serve real, authentic drinks to our wonderful community!


Serving happiness to everybunny,
one cup at a time.

Our Teas

Sourced from China & Taiwan

We select all of our ingredients with taste, quality, and excellence in mind. Prior to opening BobaBunni, we spent hours in various tea houses tasting countless varieties and grades of loose-leaf teas.

Our Yunnan black tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum, and pu'erh are sourced from reputable tea farms in Fu Jian,

China. Our oolong tea leaves are sourced from Taiwan, which is widely known for their high mountain tea farms.